Why Me

Why Me?

Over the past decade my education and experience through different work applications has taught me that no matter what industry you work in, you need 4 basic principles to be successful:

– A deep interest and understanding of your industry: 

As a Realtor, the two most important ways I am able to add value to my clients  is through my experience in Marketing and my experience in Negotiation.

After I graduated Cal State Long Beach with my bachelors in Marketing I came out with a new understanding on how businesses should be run. I learned the importance of exposure. How to link a buyer with a seller or vice versa. I learned the importance of using the right channels of marketing based on what you are trying to buy or sell. I applied the strategies I learned in school to my family’s business, which ended up increasing annual sales by large percentages. This was achieved all by marketing tactics which attracted out of area buyers and exposed product to those that were unaware based on our lack of previous exposure to the masses.

I found myself always thinking about real estate and how i wanted to apply these strategies to the industry. I got my license and ended up taking a break from the family business and started working at a Real Estate investment firm where I implemented the marketing tactics and also learned all types of aggressive negotiation tactics causing me to be able to close countless deals at under market prices.

– The ability to be transparent and understanding in your communications:

Good Customer Service and being able to communicate in a way that is systematic and easy to understand is more then just a plus in the Real Estate business, it is essential. Patience is also something I value. A home purchase is not something that should be overlooked. It should be analyzed and not rushed. There should be questions you have for me. Any question is a good question , remember that. The more questions means the more committed and willing to learn you are, so please ask away. My job is to help guide you through the purpose of buying or selling a home in the best and most convenient way possible. From emails, to phone calls and texts, I make myself available whenever it is convenient for you. I have systems set up so that all the paperwork and records through a transaction are placed on a platform that is easy and always available to use for you.

– Create synergy by being well connected in the community you work and live in

I have lived in the North Bay area practically my entire life and am a part of a family that has lived in Sonoma County since the 1920’s. We’ve ran a trustworthy and successful business in Sonoma County since 1960. I come from a family that is well known and  very connected to the community. I have contacts in many sectors,  especially in the building world since the backbone of our business is founded on contractors, ranchers, and designers. Please reach out if you need a trusted referral.

I also take pride in my community and am an active member of the Petaluma chapter For Active 20-30 club and a volunteer firefighter with Wilmar Fire Department. On every transaction I pledge a minimum of a $500 donation to my clients nonprofit of choice. Community matters to me and I want to make a positive difference anyway I can.

– A strong work ethic: 

I believe the key to success in anything revolves around the time you are willing to put into it. I grew up in a family business that ran and continues to run on nothing short of hard work. A business is a machine. It needs to be constantly upgraded, educated, and. maintained in order to be productive and made a valuable asset to the community in which it serves. I treat the Real Estate business no different, and will always strive to work as hard as I can for my clients in keeping up with: constant innovations and changes in the housing market, providing clients with outstanding due diligence, and keeping a transparent line of communication that is unmatched. Put your trust in me and you won’t be disappointed.